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Young Muralists completing Main Street Mural

The new mural in the main Street parking lot (east side of street between A Street and B street) is nearly finished.  The cast of characters includes Mohotma Ghandi  (playing lead guitar), George Washington (playing viola), Martin Luther King (guitar), Che Guevara,  Pancho Villa (?), (and two more to be identified when the mural is finished), with finely detailed background of cities, farms, and popular support. This is a large mural, roughly 25’ by 10’.

Sycamore Lodge members Ben Goulart and Spencer Campbell have managed the Young Muralist Project for over two years. It channels the talent and energy of youngsters into art and community projects, helping to make up for the void created when schools slashed or eliminated their visual arts education programs. This is a program that Sycamore Lodge is looking to support heartily.